Danceable rock music, rooted in ska, punkrock and blues. Sounds attractive, doesn't it? Now imagine some danceable rock music with a brass section. even better? We sure think so! The ska/rock band SecondHand SuperHeroes hails from the city of Delft and has 6 members. We have been entertaining audiences for two years or so now. Audiences in all shapes and sizes: barflies, festival-guests, even the occasional wedding. Having played gigs in HPC, Speakers and the Laten Staan festival, the SecondHand SuperHeroes have proven to be at home on nearly every stage.

We have been partying in venues such as Speakers (Delft), Musicon (The Hague) and MP3Live (Amsterdam), but for us the biggest event to date was the release and presentation of our full-length CD, "Assiduity" in the Flora Theater Delft.

So what can be expected of a SuperHeroes gig? An all-out party with horns, a lot of original material (with horns) and the occasional 80s cover (yes; with horns), to get as many people as possible on that dancefloor.

Bass - Harro // Drums - Ricardo // Guitar - Raquel // Trombone - Joska // Trumpet - Mike // Vocals - Frank