2013-02-25 - The Heroes are a diesel band
Band competitions aren't usually our forte: The Heroes are a diesel band, and competitions are for sprinting. But of course we aren't above trying our luck, and boy are we glad we did. The atmosphere in Jansbrug was positively smoking, as in we couldn't see a thing, but we didn't care. There was cheap beer, a putload of great bands, a cheering audience (we assume, again, it was misty), a VERY bad joke about Germans, and for the first time in history we were ahead of time, so we got to do a bonus song. All in all it was a great night, and as first of the losers let us congratulate the deserved victors Joe and the Drummer - check them out when they play their gig at Aangeschoten Wild Festival!

2012-12-20 - Recording our new EP
We just finished recording our new EP, read how it went: but only in Dutch

By the way: do you like us yet on Facebook ?

2012-08-15 - Dukdalf !
There are some nights that are just better than other nights. Shows are always fun, but once in a while a night turns out to be really really awesome. De Dukdalf show was such a night. We played with our favorite opener Andere Koek!, and since we had some planning mistakes and therefore had to go without Joska, their horn section helped us out as trombone replacement. The people of the north really know how to party: drinks a-plenty, great music and everybody was dancing. When you're there as a band, ask for their "een lauwe voor een kouwe" deal, it's the best system out there.

2012-07-24 - PaardCafe
Het Paard Cafe is incredibly fun venue to play: it's got a small stage, which is always cool when you have two larger than average bands. Andere Koek! and the Heroes rocked the crowd with sets peppered with new songs, drank plenty of beers and generally had a very good time. There's just something very appealing to having the stage so close to the bar. It sort of gives you something to work for.

2012-06-02 - The shirts have arrived
Yes! It is true.... They have arrived, our official band-shirts. Get em at one of our shows, and wear it with pride...we do!

2012-01-12 - SHSH T-Shirt!
SecondHand SuperHeroes wenst je graag een muzikaal, gezond en super tof 2012 vol Ska-Rock! Wij hebben er zin in en zijn ook druk bezig met het regelen van nieuwe optredens, waaronder onze traditie van een nieuwjaarsoptreden in de Bebop in Delft. Sommige mensen springen met nieuwjaar in de zee, wij springen in de Bebop, verschil moet er wezen. Natuurlijk is er altijd nog ruimte in de planning, dus neem zeker contact met ons op als je ons kunt helpen aan een toffe gig.

Wij beginnen dit jaar goed, met de onthulling van het eerste echte SecondHand SuperHeroes T-Shirt! Het shirt is ontworpen door Dion van der Boom uit Antwerpen, en wij gaan hem binnenkort(het shirt, niet Dion) verkopen via onze site en onze optredens. Om het nog mooier te maken zal het shirt ook in verschillende vrolijke kleuren beschikbaar zijn.

2011-10-16 - Maasrock 2011!
Maasrock was a total blast! Huge friggin' stage, great friggin' bands AND Jaya the Cat, who are in a league of their own. The crowd was dancing, and at one time I could have sworn there was a polonaise going - not something you see every day at a rockshow. maasrock thanks for having us, radio wherever, thanks for letting us take over the show for 15 minutes; I'm sure they will go down in history as our 15 of fame. Glad we spent them well.

Check a live-video of the gig here!

2011-09-21 - Rocking HPC
It's always fun to play in HPC again; we've done it a bunch of times, and it's always been loads of beer-soaked fun. This time was of course no exception. We piloted a couple of new songs, including our brand spanking new end song - the eighties still call to us, but now in a slightly more glam-rocky format. Big success, fun al round, good night. Sometimes things are really as simple as that.

2011-06-10 - Live set at Radio WOS
We were on the radio! We were on WOS Radio to be exact, with a proper interview and everything, like real celebrities. We made jokes and played some songs for them, and for all the good people on the other side of the 87.6 FM airwaves of course. The SuperHeroes and the radio are a great combination, so if you have a radio show and you want to have us on it, send us an E-mail.

In case you missed the WOS Stage show, or you just really want to hear the interview again, you can click HERE for the interview, and HERE for the live set, and listen how Ricardo forgets the intro to our song "Sunday". Pictures and video will be online soon !

2011-06-01 - Opening for Mark Foggo
It's not often that you get the opportunity to play with a living legend, so when we heard that we could open for Mark Foggo, we didn't hesitate and went on a cross country ride to Eindhoven, rock city. We are happy to report that after a great show on our part, a great show on Mark's part and the hospitality and drinking cards we received from the Rambler, Eindhoven will henceforth be known as Ska City as well.

2011-05-27 - Big guys in the Big Bear
Playing for other bands is fun if the other band has even more members than we do - it's even better when the singers wear crazy pink wigs! The Big Bear has a large stage, plenty of room and a room with laserlight and a pool table. Today, they also had the SuperHeroes kicking their setlist's ass. I don't think they have any reason to complain in Krimpen a/d IJssel.

2011-05-15 - Pictures from the rehearsal
Just a short update. Andrew came by, and shot some nice pictures of us in our rehearsal-space at SPOD in Delft. Have a look at the photos section to check them out.

2011-03-20 - Lokaalvredebreuk part Deux
Man, we had a blast playing in Lokaal Vredebreuk again. We did 2 sets, an inpromptu encore which was perfect to say the least, and we got lots and lots to drink, which is always a great incentive to be all you can be as a band - slightly libated and not halfway shabby in the humor department! We liked them, they liked us and they asked us back (something to do with our drummer's wild and crazy appeal with the ladies, perhaps?). So all in all a succesful second date. On the 3rd Lokaal just might put out. One can only hope.

2011-03-10 - It was memorable!
Sometimes, life proves very random stuff at unexpected times. Take our show at Cultureel Centrum Delft, for example. Life showed us that all you need as a crowd are three valued friends and fans, one crazy exchange student and a healthy sense of business spirit to make it work. we played two sets for a skeleton crowd, did our most expensive rendition of our Reel Big Fish cover to date, got a pitcher of beer on stage and an echo/metaphor on the vocals. It was memorable. Kind of.

2011-03-01 - Making friends in Naaldwijk
Rocking out at the Flaat! We finally teamed up again with Andere Koek! and performed what might just have been one of our best shows yet in Naaldwijk. well, so far it was our only show in naaldwijk, but it was really good. Our banner was perfectly aligned, our songs were tight and drinks were legion. We had a great time, danced our asses of when it was Andere koek!'s turn to shine, and to our new friends in the Flaat: maybe clear up the empties from the bar next time, eh?

2011-01-09 - SHSH in a Library ?
There's a first for everything; that's something we learned playing DokStreet 2010. We never closed for a fashion show before, nor did we ever play with a Klezmer band. We never played in a library before, never had people designing shirts and buttons before and during our show. All that changed, in just one gig. DokStreet 2010: so incredibly weird you just had to be there. We were.

Proof or it didn't happen! Sure: check out this video. Or have a little patience and see some proffesional looking pictures soon!

2010-12-17 - Jazzcafe Bebop
How can we describe playing in the Bebop? Can we say it's like a warm bath that smells like beer? Should we mention out trumpet player likes it so much there he decided to take up employment there? Is it enough to say they have a big ass terrace and a fine collection of drinks? That we meet our friends there and celebrate birthdays? We could, we should and we most definitely can, but it wouldn't do it justice. We played in the Bebop: we liked it, they liked us and our new songs went better than anyone dared to expect. Good stuff indeed.

2010-10-01 - Saturday night, Gay Night
Saturday night is going to be gay night. Mark it down in your schedules, remember it for the rest of your life: "Saturday night, gay night". We did a gig in the Sissy bar of COC Rotterdam (we're not making this up), did a gender-bending version of our Reel Big Fish cover, but that's not what sold it for us. This was the first gig ever that people did the running man for the entire duration of "... And in Other News"! That's crazy aerobic style madness worthy of our undying respect. We drank some beers, made some jokes and almost had to sing in karaoke mics, but it was all worth it, because our brass section got away with all their dances and still looked cool doing them. Gay Night, tell a friend.

2010-09-30 - Dancing at the Bazart
On friday, the Heroes rocked De Bazart, hometown of our bachelor drummer, together with our friends Mama Franko. It was a quiet evening, but both bands gave it their all, and a small group of brand new die-hard fans were dancing throughout our performances! Kudos to Fons and the backup vocalist/flutist (yes, a flutist) for playing the whole show on a bum leg and being sick as a dog respectively. In other news, our new song Sunday is turning out to be quite the hit - so come see us play our spanking newe tune; if you're lucky, we might even undersell it!

2010-09-20 - Delft Skatejam Festival 2010
It's sunday evening, around dinner time. The weather is fine, albeit grey, you've just checked the carbon level in your lungs, punched a few wasps and saw a dude do a backflip on a skateboard. What do you do? You go see a SecondHand SuperHeroes show of course! We rocked the outside stage, a whole bunch of friends came to sing along and an over-all good time was had by all. Thanks to the solid organization of the festival (skaters with schedules, who'd have thunk it?) we even got a meal ticket out of it! That's right, they fed us: highly recommended.

2010-09-06 - Party @ de Bastille
We played in De Bastille with the Shenannigans, and it was a great show; there was beer in the backstage room, a smoking area that was a possible health violation and of course some great SHSH tunes!

2010-07-08 - Rocking the Wijnhaven
In the last few weeks, we played the Wijnhaven twice: the first time we played inside due to bad weather, together with Andere Koek. It was one of the hottest, coolest gigs we had in a long time; we were confounded to one corner of the bar, but since Andere Koek and the Heroes together can fill a small cafe just by showing up (not counting other members of the audience), it quickly became a crowded and hectic but fun afternoon packed with your favorite ska-rocky tunes. We gave one of our new songs a go, drank beers and made jokes about Joska's in-laws. It was an absolute succes, so when we got asked to play outside 2 weeks later, how could we resist?
The weather was great, the terrace was filled, tourists stopped to move to the sultry sound of Mike on the vuvuzela and we ended our show with the medley again, which got the older crowd moving like it was 1973. What better way to celebrate Miranda's birthday? And no, we don't really know who that is either...

2010-07-04 - Wedding festival in De Lier
We're steadily becoming routiniers in the wedding circuit, but this was no routine wedding; in De Lier Andre & Marjolein had a true festival wedding, pancakes included! We played a headline gig in one of the tents in the best weather imaginable. People danced, jumped and some rolled around in wheelchairs, there were dogs, beers, modern art, more dancing, more beers and one hell of a show: big dudes combined with un-Dutch heat makes for one sweaty party. All wet stickiness aside, we wish the happy couple the best of luck and happiness. Do-overs in 12,5 years (we have a positive outlook on life)?

2010-06-20 - Party at the Heksenketel
Revisiting Roosendaal was a blast. Not only is the Heksenketel our kind of place (but hey, almost every bar that serves beer is our kind of place), but a whole bunch of Harro's colleagues decided to come and upped the drinking quota as well as the Veritas-like vibe. We basically did the same show as we did yesterday, but better because every SecondHand SuperHeroes show is better than other shows, including other SHSH shows. We'll just leave it up to you lot to figure out how that actually works. Oh, and we played a brand new song! It's called Sunday and it's 95% finished, but it already rocked the world of the Roosendaalians who were present, and the world of overpriced consultancy respectively.

2010-06-18 - Beachparty at Klub 123
Beach party in Nijmegen! We didn't know Nijmegen even had a beach. Turns out they don't, but that didn't stop them from celebrating whatever it was they came to celebrate; the important thing was, that we were there and we rocked. Hard. We drank cheap beers, had our arms stamped upto our elbows, watched girls dressed in bananas, pears and lemons (don't ask, we didn't get it either) and we played almost all songs we know how to play. Oh, and we did our medley, something we hadn't done in a long time. Good, good times and a long, long commute...

2010-05-23 - Our CD for sale at Velvet recordstore
Fact worth mentioning:

They sell our CD at the Velvet. They seem to think we are the missing link between the Dillinger Escape Plan and Alkaline Trio. Rumor has it that Dillinger hasn't sold an album in weeks. Not surprising, given the options.

Incidentally, Matt Skiba called to say he likes our artwork better than his own album art. We told him thanks, and that pills are over in 2010. It's all about monkeys this year...

2010-05-15 - Aangeschoten Wild Festival 2010
A LOT of noise, hoodles of dancing people, unexpected crew members, a giant backstage room, Barbara on stage and officially the highest stage we have played on so far. That, and so much more, is the summation of everything our gig at Lijm & Cultuur entailed, at the Aangeschoten Wild festival. We saw a whole bunch of great bands(Go Back to the Zoo, neWax) and played a whole bunch of great songs. A succesful gig? We like to think so!

And Yes, there are photos, and Yes they are online: check the photos section!

2010-05-13 - Rocking Radio Drimmelen: Eat This
We are eagerly awaiting calls from Noord-Brabant. "Why is that?", you so astutely ask. Well, we played on the Eat This radio show, on the biggest network Drimmelen has to offer, and they have a huge fanbase. Their secret weapon? Barbara. What also helps is that we were awesome! Listen to the interview with Harro and Mike for jokes, laughs and giggles, and tune in for a couple of kick-ass renditions of our favorite songs. Then book us! We're totally available to play for all of you soft G'd people with alcohol related issues. Call us, we'll set something up. It'll be awesome.

Not convinced yet? Go HERE and listen to the radio show.

2010-05-11 - Live @ La Pipe
Somewhere in the Dutch countryside stands a smallish church. Next to the church there's a parish house. So far that's not really amazing. So many other Dutch towns have parish houses, you say. True, but what is amazing, is that when you enter that house and climb the stairs all the way to the top, there's a veritable rock 'n roll cave, with rowdy people enjoying, like so many others, the SecondHand SuperHeroes! That's right, we played in La Pipe in Ridderkerk-Rijsoord and it was great: we pioneered a new cover song, played a bunch of older favorites and got our beers on demand! Which brings to mind that old Trappist saying...

2010-05-15 - UpdateThe photos are online! Thanx for the photos Patrick!

2010-05-05 - Review of the CD Assiduity in Speaker Magazine!
Public Service Announcement

Please scour your local studio, music store, commissioned youth halfway house or wherever, just make sure you get your hands on this month's Speaker magazine. Inside, you'll find a review of our CD Assiduity. Proceed by reading this review. Enjoy the feeling of warmth and happiness.

Thank you.

Addendum: it has come to our attention that some of you are to busy to comply with our previous request. In this case please click HERE to read the review online, which is in Dutch. For the people who do not know Dutch (shame on you, people, shame on you), an adequate summary of the text would be something like: "Assiduity rocks, but the live shows rock even more, so be sure to pick up the album at one of our shows!"

2010-05-03 - Queensday festival in Haarlem
We played outside on the Queen's birthday, and boy did we honor our royalty! It was one heck of a show in front of Café De Pitcher in haarlem. They had some of the best loud-louder-loudest metal bands fill slots in the roster, and they warmed up the audience for us like nobody's business, so when we started playing, people were dancing and singing along, even the scary looking ones. Big fans of royalty, the people from Haarlem. And big fans of us!

2010-05-08 - Update the photos are online! Thnx Ger for the shots!

2010-04-23 - Live @ Radio "Eat This" and other new gigs!
Hey everyone, we've got an awful lot of awesome things coming up and we thought we'd let you know in this update.

So there you have it!

No seriously, a lot of coolness is coming your way. Koninginnedag 2010 we play in Haarlem, at Cafe the Pitcher as the closing show of their yearly festival. Then there's talk that we're going to be on the radio on some yet to be anounced date (we'll keep you updated of course). And we will do a live performance on radio show: "Eat This" of Omroep Drimmelen. A lot of bad jokes, a few Heroes songs, some more bad jokes: what can possibly go wrong?

Furthermore, we've got return gigs lined up in De Heksenketel in Roosendaal and De Wijnhaven in Delft. De Wijnhaven is going to be an outside event; we hoping to play with great weather and more drunk people there than they can legally serve beer to.
So keep on checking that gig calendar for stuff near you!

2010-03-21 - Home court advantage
Every team plays better on their home court. It's a fact of life and it is no different for the SecondHand SuperHeroes, so when we played in the Bebop on Thursday night, you bet we played like Babe Ruth in yankee stadium. Thanks to Peet for the beers, thanks to the audience for singing along, thank you all and good night; that ball is out of the park!

2010-03-27 - Update the photos are online!

2010-02-22 - Download our Live CD for free!!
Hey everyone,

It has come to our attention that our soundmen went above and beyond the call of duty on our CD release, and recorded the whole thing! A surprise, even for us, and we thought we'd let you in on the goods. They've cut, copied, edited and whatnot, but the result is an impressive live album, which is downloadable for free! Now you can prove to all your friends that we really are that good live, or use as a mnemonic aid to remember the good times. The live set sounds awesome, so go HERE and download it for your iPod, or go old-school and burn it for in your car. Check out the music-page to listen the live CD, or Assiduity: the full length.

Don't be a Bogard, let all your freeloading friends know!

2010-01-21 - SHSH Video
All fans born in the 80s know that once upon a time MTV broadcasted music video clips instead of reality shows with sons and daughters of once famous people. Those days long gone, it was up to us to revive the days of music related video. We rose to the occasion and proudly present: our bunch of live hits on YouTube! They're instant classics, and you know you're curious, so check 'em out now, and leave a comment. Tell your friends that the days of music videos are upon us again! And that they look slightly fat from certain angles...

2010-01-03 - Photos of the Release Party & Speakers show
Yes.... we know, it took long, way too long. For your viewing pleasure: the photos of the CD Release Party & Andere Koek's Birthday party are online! Check them on the Photos page!

2009-12-16 - Happy birthday Andere Koek!
Andere Koek!'s 2nd birthday party, celebrated in the Speakers, was all christmassy and sparkly. We were the first band to play after the acoustic opening of the night and boy did we rock! For 30 incendiary minutes we rocked the pants of the audience, played some severely warped versions of our songs, handed Andere Koek! their birthday present (we gave 'em a website. Or a domain, which has the potential to store a website. We're nerds) and we have never talked less on stage. It was a fulltime rocking event. Frans Huxie gave a explosive performance and Andere Koek! themselves played a kick-ass finisher. All in all an awesome party!

2009-12-13 - Assiduity !
After our short media hiatus following our CD release (okay, we were slacking a bit in the internet department), we do want to remind everyone of the following facts:

- Yes, our cd is for sale.
- Uhuh, it's pretty great.
- Where? At our shows and by mailorder.
- Glad you asked, it's €7,- or € 10,- via mail.
- Alright, we do like people who buy our stuff better than the ones that don't.
- Check the merch page of the site for further details.

2009-12-04 - Supermarket
Den Haag. Not the capital per se, but Thursday it kind of was. At least it was the place to be. We opened for the Defenders and played a heck of a show, while outside de Supermarkt it rained cats and dogs (even small ponies here and there). There were beers, rain, bowel movements, terrace heaters you could heat a pizza with, bad jokes, relatives (with their own bad jokes) and lots and lots of songs. Told you it was the place to be...

2009-11-30 - Kleine Geer: Mission Accomplished
Houten is insane! In a good way, but they're mental. Andere Koek opened a night with all the potential for disaster (they were great, even their soundguy was, the equipment in de Kleine Geer just couldn't keep up), but knocked it out of the park, so there was little left for us to do but continue the party with one of our longer sets, as in: we played almost all of the stuff we know. We had a blast, Houten had a blast: mission accomplished.

2009-10-18 - CD-Release Party!
Headaches galore within the ranks of the SecondHand SuperHeroes, so a more appropriate text will follow some time the following week, but until then we just wanted to say:

We had a ridiculous amount of fun yesterday at our CD release, so THANK YOU to all people who attended, and an EXTRA BIG THANK YOU to Andere Koek! for covering our song and making us look like rockstars!

Did you have your picture taken on our couch ? Download it here. Other pictures and movies will be online somewhere this week!

2009-10-10 - It's been a good week
Harro and yours truly (Frank) have been on a little roadtrip! We have ventured into the heartland of Brabant with a crazy band of comical misfits to make sure an accidentally mailed sex video will not reach...Eh, actually, it was just us and we went to pick up the CDs! But we went through the McDrive, which was pretty adventurous. Plus the Brabant bit was just as scary as it sounds.

The CDs look, feel and sound great, so everyone attending our release party is in for a treat. It should probably have been sort of sobering to see months and months of hard work reduced to 4 cardboard boxes filles with plastic, but still we felt like kids on Christmas morning (accept that instead of a from underneath a pine tree, we got our presents from a concrete warehouse in Breda)!

On a slightly unrelated note, I've just made my solo radio debut (internet radio). It was a short and sweet telephone interview in which I still managed to call the bassist fat, so everyone who wants to hear (totally worth it), go to HERE and listen to their archived shows(9th of October). Stork On Air will probably kill me for saying this, but if like us, you just want to hear the interview, you can freely skip the first hour or so.(1:32)

2009-10-07 - Squatting in Den Bosch
We played in Den Bosch ('s Hertogenbosch for friends) last weekend, and it was a riot. Squatters don't pay rent = sweet deal. People had to ring the doorbell to get in, Too Loud for Granny pretended to be us and played the longest set since Pete Sampras quit tennis, Andere Koek! invented the Den Box and had a drunk guitar player. we all drank cheap, cheap beers straight from the crate and had an over-all good time.

2009-09-12 - CD Release party!
It's done! After months of hard work, hard rock and hard drinking, our very first CD is being printed! It's called Assiduity, and don't bother to look it up; we did that for you and put it on our album cover.

It's mixed by Mathijs, and Tammo did a cracking job mastering the whole thing, working at ungodly hours to insure we'd meet our deadline. For those of you who don't know Tammo: the only thing weirder than watching him work his magic on our songs is watching his paperwork system.

Our big unveiling/album premiere/release party is going to take place the 17th of October, and reliable sources told us that Andere Koek! will also be there. It's promising to become an awesome party at the Flora Theater Delft! Be on the lookout for posters of this auspicious event in your favorite bars and college buildings.

2009-09-01 - Newsletter
Some questions have been asked on how to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to our newsletter! It's as easy as a 2-tone song, or a 5-step rehab-program: Subscribe by adding your e-mail to the box on the right. Unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter e-mail! We had some technical issues surrounding the unsubscribing the past days, but it's been fixed now !

2009-08-29 - Rocking Amsterdam
This tuesday we got our ass kicked by a tagteam of Jan Smit, the Venga Boys and Nick and Simon, which resulted in our shortest set to date. But it was sweet, because our bassist is funnier when he's sober than anyone of us could have imagined. He was a regular Don Ho, and we played the Specials' "Nite Klub" on stage for the first time, all in the same key and all. We liked us, MP3 liked us, sound guy liked us, NoNoMes likes "Going to Ibiza". Go figure.

2009-07-18 - Good evening The Hague!
Musicon has a large stage that makes people feel like a real rockstar, and even though there weren't that many people in the audience, we got our rock 'n roll on and played an incindiary show with (and in all honesty mainly for) Jaggery. Folks were dancing (Flip), jumping (Other Flip), shouting (Flip) and even stagediving/crowd-surfing (Other Flip again). And hell, we were there anyway, so we did an encore, because encores are what rockstars do. You may quote us on that. Thanks to the diligent bartenders, ancient Ado-affectionado's and Jaggery of course.
(PS: "Other Flip" also goes by the name of Robin. We prefer Other Flip.)

2009-07-05 - New Official Bandphoto
Now, it is known to many that the SecondHand SuperHeroes are a rowdy bunch indeed, but what makes them tick, individually? What is that great big drive behind each and everyone of them? To put it in reel big fishy terms: why do they rock so hard? Read our personal stories at the bio section!

And... how do you like our new official bandphoto ? It's us, a beach, and a couch.... what more can you wish for ?

2009-07-01 - Rocking Boskoop!
Saturday we played in café de Rooie Hoek in Boskoop. Don't worry, we initially didn't know where that was either... we had SlickSlack open for us with a smooth amalgamy of pop, jazz, funk and rock, and although their singer was a percussion adept and had a bag of rattling, clanking and maracca-ing tricks, we denied Rico the right to a woodblock. Thanks Fred for the beers during the show and thank you elderly couple for dancing like they did in 1950.

2009-06-25 - Photoshoot!
We are the SecondHand SuperHeroes, which implicitly means there's something wrong with us. So when we rented a van, hauled Harro and Rax's old couch in it and took it with us on a roadtrip, no one was really surprised, but our significant others instinctively knew we had to bring a fotographer! It was a hot day with many a revelation: Mike is actually a goat whisperer in his spare time, and Rico and Frank proved even fat white men can jump (take that, Woody Harrelson!). Oh, and Jo-Ska's flipflops made his feet all blue, but we tried to avoid taking pictures of that. Thanks to Brigitte for being so patient and for putting up with a lot of silliness.

2009-06-23 - Ska-Nite on Tour hits Pijnacker
Boy oh boy, did those young bucks from Andere Koek! outrun us all, running man style! We know for a fact that we are responsible for the severe loss of weight plaguing several members of Jaggery, just by playing our disco hit. As you might have guessed, the gang was back together for another Ska Night On Tour, in Pijnacker this time. We got to use the white backup guitar, and we were considerably less sweaty than we were yesterday. I'd say that's a win-win scenario right there.

2009-06-22 - Speakers and Wijnhaven foto's
Hey folks, SecondHand SuperHeroes checking in to tell you all that the foto's from our gigs at Speakers and the Wijnhaven are now online! So check 'em out and while you are at it, why not leave us a message on our guestbook page; we are SuperHeroes after all, so we take both compliments and criticism with the same lack-luster attitude...

2009-06-19 - Live @ Ciccionina: we are Pornstars!
Hot damn, it was damn hot. Ciccionina is a smallish venue named after a pornstar, so you know we just had to play there. The place was packed, the crowd was wild, but unfortunately, clothes stayed on. No nakedness in the porn venue. Speaking of porn, we might just launch our upcoming album in an old nudie flic theater, and speaking of might, we might just bring the couch! But anyway, playing in Ciccionina was like being fried in the best sense of the word. Props to Andere Koek, because staying true to the theme, those silly kids actually had hot and steamy sax on stage.

2009-06-06 - Rocking the Wijnhaven
Our Pentecost performance was something to behold; we opened for Jaggery (because at some point we had to return the favor) outside for the terrace of the Wijnhaven and blew the heavy drinkers, weather enjoyers and innocent bystanders away with one of our sing along shows. We could most likely be heard from about a mile off. Free beer, great weather loud music and people shouting "it's a pirate's life for me". Did they not want us inside you ask? Answer: probably not.

2009-05-30 - Amster-damn, what a night!
Lots of bands, lots of booze, lots of under-aged groupies (okay, in all honesty they were there for Andere Koek, but still...) If we keep this up, the Ska Night on tour could become one of the big successes named alongside greats as sliced bread, lunar landings and the little plastic thing at the end of shoe laces. We even saw the chance to play the medley again! Of course, much thanks go out to our tour-homies Jaggery and Andere Koek (who, as we found out, do have a Peter, but no Joey, at least not intentionally) for giving such kick-ass performances and keeping the Delft pride real, yo. 'Aight? Gone.

2009-05-15 - Feed Band, Receive Show!
JJ Music House has got it all figured out. A band is like the infamous "press button, receive bacon" machine; Feed Band, Receive Show. We had a groovy time playing with SideKickBob and I Wanna Be And The Wannabees, we shared our feelings, the stage and a vanilla smoke machine, hell, there even was a campfire. Needless to say it was hip and far out.

We'll be checking in with Aad's cooking around December for a Ska Night, so be sure to check our tour dates.

2009-04-25 - Rico in the Stadskrant Delft!!
We wanted to write something really witty and fun to let you know that Rico, our esteemed drummer had made it to page something of the local newspaper, but we decided to let the facts speak for themselves: Check page two! His glorious mug represented the SuperHeroes for the Ska-Nite on Tour, which is a D11lftmusiq project. Aren't they the cool cats? Rico is availbable for autographs after our shows, so come see us on the Ska-Nite and see "the Red Thunder" in action. That new nickname is so going to stick...

2009-04-15 - Live footage
The Heroes' super advanced software programming skills finally pay off. Check out the video section for a long due update: SHSH live in Speakers Delft, bitches!

2009-04-05 - Pimp my ride!
We did it! We finally made it big by selling out completely! Who needs billboards or TV commercials when you can have a slightly dented Toyota advertising our band? So we would like to take this opportunity to notify the proud owner of our very own moving advertisement of the fact that U2 called to say they're jealous. From what we've heard, Bono has only ever had a Panda with his band logo on the hood...

2009-03-18 - Launch of the NEW WEBSITE!
Welcome to our new and improved website! In 2009 you will see more of the SecondHand SuperHeroes than you would ever expect: when everything is up and running, we'll be looking into Hiltonesque video features, but until then you'll just have to make do with our New and Official monkey logo, as a token of our brand new awesomeness.

It has been said before, but this time we really, really mean it, like, really: our album is due mid 2009. Our very first full-length will feature all of the following songs, in no particular order:

- The Flawed Introduction to the Bay City Rollers
- I Snitch
- Bob
- Office Space
- Peter, Meet the Captain
- Indigo
- Have You Scene the Kids?
- Blues with a Minor
- And in Other News...
- Just because it rhymes(doesn't make it a good idea)
- Frankly, My Dear
- Understand

So stay tuned, in touch, digital and check back here for more updates!

2009-02-27 - Live @ Wolpop
Wolpop at Wolbodo is an auspicious event. Question: what can possibly be more rock 'n roll than being kicked off the stage? Answer: a full house of drunk and happily dancing people, a slightly inebriated band and a troublesome bass amp. All the ingredients for a rocking show. Some of our best jokes were made that night. Some of them even made it to the punchline. We're a funny band. Sometimes.

2009-01-29 - Live @ Speakers
We rocked Speakers again, and this time we did it with Jaggery and Andere Koek! In a kick-ass show, premiering some new songs, we made the scene kids dance. Hell, we even saw some regular people dance, so it must have been awesome! We are really not the kind of people that brag about stuff, but this time I think we really deserve the credit for at least 1/3 of the entertainment that evening. Thanks to our Jaggery friends and Andere Koek (who feature either a Joey or any combination of Peters) it was one of our best shows this year.